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Nov 06, 2016 · TAGS: Ed Coan’s Competition Build-Ups, 5-Week Linear Cycle, The Cast Iron Pressing Template, lifetime training goals, How to Bench 5 plates raw, Marc Keys, bar path, powerlifting, bench press I recently achieved one of my lifelong lifting goals of benching 220 kilograms (485 pounds). Dec 14, 2015 · Their Spreadsheet has a bunch of Sheiko programs, smolov, ed coan and russian squat program all on one spreadheet.[/quote] I just joined this forum - I’m happy people are using the spreadsheet.[/quote] that spreadsheet is bad ass The programs in our book can get close, as they allow you to match up your goal (powerlifting or bodybuilding) and your experience level (novice, intermediate, or advanced) to the

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